A mid-life mom’s reflection



My birthday was December 26th, and the combination of getting one year closer to that mid-life age mark of 45, having a wonderful crazy life raising twins and a son with Down syndrome who is soon to turn 6, had me reflecting…

To sum it up, I must say that I feel so very blessed in life…“They” say life is a journey, and is it ever! I’ve learned I can not plan everything, and though I have goals in life, I now look forward to the unpredictability and creativity God always interjects in the journey to reaching those goals. I’ve learned that I have so much capacity NOW, and not to keep looking to the future for what I can accomplish LATER. It’s ironic that when I focus on the “now”, and do all I’m able to in the moment, it leads to a much greater tomorrow than I could have planned or imagined. And even when the todays and tomorrows aren’t so great, I keep faith in our Creator, as He always has that magical, creative way of turning those “not so great” days into a valuable learning experience or even a much better tomorrow than I could have expected.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Ever onward, ever forward

Anything you can do, I can do...cuter!

Anything you can do, I can do…cuter! 🙂

Last night we had a great couple over, and their son is a grown man with Autism who is living fairly independently. His mother is someone I admire who worked with him constantly and knew his potential but back when he was in school, not everyone saw that potential. She shared her struggles and those who helped her along the way. I could not help but appreciate the path she cleared for my son, Wil, and for other children with special needs. And the same appreciation could be said for the women who fought for our right to vote, and men who fought for fair treatment in the coal mines, and the list goes on to the ultimate sacrifice of our soldiers. So, every morning, send up a thank you to all those who gave so much so we can lead better lives, and keep pushing forward in their honor.  Yes, revel in it, but to stay stuck in it and feel “entitled” to it would be an insult to them. Keep the magnitude of what they did for us fresh in your mind, and keep on keeping on!

Respectfully submitted,


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