Resolute to achieve your resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions~ makes many of us cringe at the very thought of them.

The concept of writing down ways to improve our lives is a good one, and some of us even follow through on them, but we’ve seen too many starts with good intentions, only to end up in reversions back to old, comfortable ways.  We all have valid reasons for reverting, and that path of least resistance is so familiar and inviting, but doesn’t really take us anywhere new and exciting. I’ve been through my share of failed resolutions, but have discovered one way to follow through with resolutions that works for me.

My resolutions are not written January 1, but written down at all different times of the year. I’ll  jot one down right after I’ve experienced something that reveals where I need to make a change in my thinking, and write it in the way I see myself as if I already had that new way of thinking. Then, I focus on the resolution by reading it every morning. For example, if I want to be less judgmental of others, I don’t write down ” I will be less judgmental.” I write it down as if I am already doing it… “I AM accepting of others differences and do my best to understand where they are coming from.” Writing down a resolution in an affirmative way after I’ve had a direct experience motivating that change, I’ve found is a lot more achievable.

Also, this allows you to focus on one resolution at a time, so its not so overwhelming as staring at 20 ways we want to change. We beat ourselves up enough as it is, why load ourselves down all at once with where we see ourselves failing? A little focus on an affirmative goal goes a long way and makes it more encouraging to tackle the next change.

Sky's the limit! (my son, Wil, age 5)

Here’s to you finding your own creative way to achieve all you dream of in 2013!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Grndma Chris
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 00:40:22

    You have a fantastic outlook, so refreshing, I look forward to following and trying to achieve some of your level of patience. Have a wonderful weekend.


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