Powerful Laughter


Laughter is an instant mood changer, and it is contagious. Try being around someone having a good laugh and not smile yourself. So, to reduce stress in my life, I have made a decision to simply laugh more.

Laughter is an easy and natural thing to do, and it is a proven stress reliever. A good laugh is a wonderful way to release tension and get ourselves closer to a state of joyful calmness. A certain amount of stress is good for motivation, but we all know that when we are extremely stressed, it’s hard to look at things through a wide lens. Its all too easy to stay focused on the problem rather than the many solutions that are just outside of our stress-focused lens.

My first opportunity to use laughter in a tense situation came yesterday. I was on the phone with one of my daughter’s coaches, and I was trying to negotiate something he wasn’t too thrilled about. I understood that I am one parent of many making a “special request.” He definitely had his point of view, and I had mine. Well, after one of his comments where I could have easily reacted in a defensive way, I just laughed. Not a mean-spirited, “you have got to be kidding me!” laugh, just a good, old chuckle. And you know what? He returned that chuckle with one of his own good-natured chuckles. Tension immediately evaporated and the tone of the conversation completely changed to a productive one.

People feed off of each others energy, even over the phone. That energy is out there and it has real power…be mindful of how you use it. When we are around someone who is stressed and negative, or their guard is up, we instinctively feel the same way. Not much gets accomplished in those situations, and the outcome usually is not a favorable one. But when we are around someone who is relaxed and confident, we feel relaxed and confident in their presence. That typically results in a very productive outcome. Sharing laughter is a very powerful way to relax a situation, and make it a situation where everyone wins.

Wishing you love and laughter,



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