I’m too busy!

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Busy…how many times do we hear and say that word? Its practically a greeting these days: “How are you?” “So busy!”

Have you ever had one of those days where you said, “I was so darn busy today, but it feels like I didn’t get anything done!”? Our time on this planet is limited, and just having a birthday that put me closer to that mid-forties mark, I have decided not to be “busy,” but productive. No more wasted time…I’m even making my quiet time productive. I enjoy reading, so my quiet time will be spent reading a book, not spent in mindless time on the computer.

One of the ways that works for me when I want to make a change in my life, is to observe, read and learn about people that do things the way I want to do them. Then I use those tools to achieve whatever personal goals I have.

Being very involved in the special needs community, and simply being a mom, I have been blessed to know a lot of passionate parents who are very involved in improving their children’s lives through advocacy, volunteer work and fundraising. They are busy, but they are productive with their time.

Observing and being around these people, I am utterly amazed at how much they can do…they are productive with their time and they are making a difference in the lives of others. Every single one is driven by a passion and I absorb extra energy just being around them. And the special thing about every one of these ultra productive people I know, is that they not only work at a paying job, but that they also give a lot of time and effort to something that does not pay back in dollars. They put their heart and time into things like their special needs group, girl scout troop, boys and girls clubs, helping others overcome addictions, specific charities or as volunteer coaches.

None of these people are “too busy” to help, they have simply stepped back and evaluated what their passion was, and applied it to their lives, so that, yes, they may be busy, but they are productive. And I know, that when I love what I’m doing, I always find those extra stores of energy to keep going and feel darn good about it. So thank you to all my mentors who have showed me how to be productive, and I am making my own footsteps next to yours. My footsteps may not go as far as yours, but I’m making darn sure every one of those footsteps count!

Thanks for reading!


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