Beam me up, Scotty!



Emerge…what a beautiful word. Makes one think of Spring. Buds forming, sprouts popping, leaves unfolding. It speaks of new form, new life, new beginnings.

Who doesn’t want to renew themselves at some point in time? Or even renew just certain parts of ourselves. Its hard work…we are wired a certain way, and we have to change a lot of our thinking sometimes to renew even the smallest parts of ourselves. The key is wanting it. Think of a time you really wanted something…you focus on it, and its all you can think about. You are somehow able to build this force-field around yourself and the naysayer’s comments just bounce right off. You are on a mission and no one can stop you. It is such a great feeling, and you will and do emerge. The best part is, because you did all that hard work yourself, there is no crawling back into the little bud. You have fully unfolded and are out there in the open full of pride.

Then, think of the times you wanted to do something, but oh, not really, wait, no I really do, oh, but its so much work, and oh, what difference does it make anyway? That once powerful force-field has turned into thin air and all the naysayer’s comments float right through and slap you around. They make you indecisive and sometimes even depressed. That little bud is never going to bloom in this kind of environment.

Emerging is an important word on an IEP, a goal setting plan designed to help children with special needs succeed. The teachers, therapists and parents are all involved in this plan. When “emerging” is used, it means your child has not yet achieved the goal, but they are on their way to it. Oh, what a beautiful thing that is! It can be frustrating, yes, as the goal is to achieve, but seeing progress in certain areas that seemed to stand still in time with no movement is almost enough to make you jump out of your chair and cheer.

We have all experienced something where we feel stuck in time…and sometimes the reason we are there is whatever happened is so difficult that it is best to stay right there for awhile because we are not ready to emerge and survive in the current environment. And, like the IEP where there is a circle of therapists, teachers and parents writing down goals and figuring out specific ways that will work for this child to emerge and ultimately achieve, we need a circle of people around us supporting us in our “stand-still” time, but also there nudging us along in the specific way we need so in time, we can emerge and ultimately achieve.

This circle is immensely helpful, especially in those difficult times. Our kids can thrive in the support of dedicated therapists, teachers and family. However, no matter what support and coaxing our child has, if they don’t want to emerge, they won’t. And that is true for us. We can have the most loving and supportive friends, and they can help bolster us and improve our state of mind, but we are the only ones that can decide if and when we want to emerge.

I keep this in mind every time my child has received an “emerge” or “achieved” on his IEP.  Each and every success needs to be celebrated and he needs to know how great that feels and what a success he is as a person. Some of those goals he has to reach require a lot of hard work, and I want him to remember how great that last achievement felt so he will push himself to reach the next goal. I’m his cheerleader, and can jump up and down in exhaustion for him, but he himself is the only one in charge of emerging.

In applying this to my own life, I am thankful for my support system in doing all they can, but I can hold no one accountable but myself when its time to move forward, build that strong force field and emerge to achieve. Beam Me Up, Scotty! I’m ready!



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