We are in this thing together


Being the best YOU, that you can be is the most selfless thing we can do for our loved ones. If you feel strong and good about yourself, you are able to share that with others. We have so much more power in us than we realize. Ironically, to discover and unleash that power, we must make ourselves vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a very scary thing. We have built up walls around certain emotions because we have gotten hurt in some way or another. Those walls are necessary to our learning process, but until we remove those walls, our power will stay hidden behind them, dormant and undiscovered.

Of course, we have to be wise when we decide to become vulnerable. If not, we will only be hurt yet again and be ever more convinced that those walls are a necessity. To become vulnerable, we need a trusted friend, trusted family member or a professional therapist.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and a trusted friend is your vulnerability. I’m not talking about sucking them dry and relying on them to build you back up after you’ve shed your wall. The re-building is solely your job. I’m talking about revealing your true emotions to your trusted friend, tearing that wall down, and leaning on them while you do the important work of uncovering that hidden power inside of you. And your friend, then, has the trust in you, to lean on you when they need it. That yin and yang in a relationship is so very essential and valuable in creating fulfilling lives for ourselves.

Many of us reach certain points where we think we are “strong” and can forge forward without the help of anyone. Yes, there are certain paths we need to travel on our own, but there will come a point where the loneliness is debilitating. There simply are certain points in life where we need some help to get through. The help of a friend gives us the endurance and encouragement to move so much further ahead than we could ever imagine doing on our own. But don’t make them carry you on their back, this is your journey. They are there to hold your hand, encourage you, and give you a push when needed. It is your job to do the work of putting one foot in front of the other.

I have thought I was “strong” and did not want to ask for help. But, it got the better of me. I realized that being “strong” meant asking for help, because that would make me better for both myself and for everyone around me. Making myself vulnerable, though scary at first, brought back rewards greater than I had imagined. It has brought out a brighter light in me than I have ever dreamed possible. We all have people that make us feel better simply standing next to them. That is the light I am talking about. We want to bask in it, and it gives us power to shed more light in our own lives. I am thankful to my dear friends for letting me bask in their light while I worked on brightening my own. And now all I want to do is share that light, and give back all that I have received. We gain power with the help of others, but we need to do the work of strengthening the light within ourselves. Don’t worry, there is plenty to go around, so bask in it and share your powerful light freely so others gain the energy and trust to shine as brightly as they can.

All the best,

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