“Rose colored glasses are fun, but life can be joyful without them”


If you were fortunate enough to grow up with rose colored glasses, weren’t they lovely? Everything was sugar, spice and everything nice. There were certain times they got knocked off, and you saw life in its raw form, but if you were like me when I was younger, you were really good at putting them back on and readjusting to that lovely rosy view. The older I got, the harder the knocks those glasses received, and they ended up getting too bent and cracked for the rosy view to come into focus. I had to learn to look at life through my very own eyes without that rosy buffer. Its not as pretty as that rosy hue, but life has a beautiful clarity I never would have appreciated if those glasses didn’t get bent and broken.

We need trials and tribulations to grow, to experience true joy, and to lead a fulfilling life. Without the knowledge of deep sorrow, we can not know deep joy. I miss those glasses when I am in that place of deep sorrow. I want to put them back on and blur reality back to sugar, spice and everything nice. But, that is all it is, a blur. Living life in a hazy blur may be numbing, but it is nowhere near joyful or fulfilling.

The other problem with those glasses is, they create tunnel vision, and when they are knocked off, we have the ability to look around and find appreciation in other things even though what’s happening right in front of us hurts like heck. If we are losing a loved one, life feels like its falling apart. And in some ways it is…part of our life that we have always known to be a certain way has just fallen to pieces. Its healthy for us to mourn this loss and even rage at the injustice of it. What’s not healthy is to put all of our focus on this loss. Without those rosy glasses, we can accept the difficult situation for what it is, but also look around us to find joy in the life that, though it seems like it should stand still in time during this tribulation, continues to revolve and go on about its business. If we take a moment to simply appreciate the pure joy of a child’s laugh, the support of a friend, a hug from a dear family member, we can reach a knowing that we will get through this, though our life will be different because some of the pieces are missing. These pieces lost will not be replaced…nor should they be. However, we can build new pieces in our life that are very strong. A friend is always a wonderful gift, but in a time of need, that bond of friendship between the two of you becomes steel tight. The pure joy of a child is all the more appreciated during difficult times, and our dear family member’s hug is more than that usual greeting during a holiday get-together, it is a source of deep comfort.

Unless we experience life in full clarity, we can not know true joy and fulfillment. Instead of envying those people who have been able to keep their rose colored glasses on throughout adulthood, I now feel sorry for them. Those who live a very pampered life live a numbing life. I’m not talking about riches and luxuries, though those things do come along with living a pampered life. I’m talking about those people who are comforted and sheltered to a point that they don’t know what its like to see life outside of that rosy hue. Its pretty and brings comfort, but its a hazy view. There is no depth to it. With those rosy glasses on, there is no clarity. And without clarity, there can be no true joy or true fulfillment. Life is a yin and yang, its simply a rule of nature. If you feel deeply, you experience life deeply. And that is how we find joy and fulfillment in life.

Namaste, my friends, wishing you clarity, joy and fulfillment in your life.



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