“Luxury of Being Late”


Wil just turned six, and I still forget I’m not allowed to be in a hurry.  It is simply not possible to move fast with this child, and in many ways that’s a blessing. But, when I’m in a hurry, the blessing part of it evaporates from my mind. I’m focused on getting everyone in the car NOW.

I admit I find myself envious of people who are running late and their kids, for the most part, can get their stuff and get in the car. The twins are 7 years old, and when I tell them they have 5 minutes to get everything and get in the car, they know the routine. Sure, there might be a distraction here and there, but they know what they need to take with them, find it, and get in the car. If I ask Wil to go get his coat and gloves, there are sure to be many fascinating things to be discovered on the short walk from the kitchen to the coat closet. If I’m not walking right along with him, coaxing him along, he’ll be lucky if he makes it to the coat closet within an hour.

Following this kid around is simply amazing. He can find fun in just about anything. I’ve created a busy life for myself, and its easy for me to pass things by in the rush of the day. Wil actually forces me to slow down and appreciate things I wouldn’t have given a passing glance before. But, when I’m in a hurry, my thoughts are “ok, that’s nice, now let’s go get your coat. Pick up the pace, please.”

Its not a discipline thing…that’s one biggie I didn’t understand before having a child with special needs. Wil is simply different in some respects, and one of those things is getting very easily distracted.

Wil does have to stay on task for a certain amount of time in school, and he has certain chores at home like setting the table. He’s very good at that, and enjoys helping. He’s also becoming more self-sufficient. He can get his coat and hat on by himself, and just needs some help with his mittens(as many Kindergarteners do). But, most likely, he will always be easily distracted from Point A to Point B. And, most likely, that will continue to frustrate his mother when she’s in a hurry.

I don’t, and probably never will, have the luxury of being in a hurry while I’m raising Wil. The luxury I do have, is this beautiful, bright child teaching me, every single day, how to appreciate the simplest of things. I may be late, but who cares when you’re this rich?


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  1. Little Bird's Dad
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 13:15:25

    I love this post.

    As our 2 older kids grew up (they are 10 and 13 now), I found myself pushing them to move faster like you did. I hope that with Little Bird, I’m better at your strategy in the last paragraph.

    I’m going to bookmark this post!


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