Dear Worry,


Dear Worry,

We have come a long way together. Whenever I look to the future, you are there. Strong and steady, waiting for me patiently.

Whenever I look back to my past, you are there, carrying me along with you. You have such strength and power over me, and you create my future for me as long as I walk with you. You are loyal and faithful, I know you will never leave me.

However, when my mind is in the present moment, I can’t find you anywhere. You simply evaporate like a vapor. I’m so used to you next to me, that the feeling is both freeing and scary. I don’t know how to be without you, I’ve been with you so long. But I have to admit, the freedom is intoxicating.

Then, I think, what am I without worry. I look back to the past, and I see you there, and you remind me that I need you to survive in my future. Again, you are my loyal companion, and as long as I don’t lose myself in the present moment, you will be by my side.

I’ve decided to give the present moment a chance. You are a comfort to me worry, but I’ve realized you have been lying to me, and your comfort has blinded me to your lies. You are the one that needs me to survive, I don’t need you.

Worry, you keep reminding me of all my past mistakes, and how I am bound to repeat them in the future without you. You also alert me to all the bad things that can happen in the future, and how I will need you to survive. Though you have comforted me, and act as a safe place for me, I can not grow with you. You keep me safe, but it is a prison.

Worry, I know you are concerned for my safety and well-being, and I thank you for getting me this far. But I need to break free of your arms, though they are a comfort, they keep me from spreading my own wings.

Yes, worry, the world is a big place, with lots of evil. But, its also a beautiful place, full of life and adventure. I can only let go of you, if I let go of my past, and live in the present, with positive dreams of the future.

My past with you is of value, I have learned a lot with you. But, that is where our relationship must end. So, I thank you for your comfort and your education, dear Worry. I will live each day as it comes, with my eyes to a bright horizon.




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  1. mamajoyx9
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 23:32:51

    Oh, Boy, we’ve got the same companion. I love the way you put it! I say after our kids’ generation, they will have to rewrite the textbooks on Down syndrome, but that doesn’t keep worry at bay. But isn’t the present beautiful!

    Alyson (Mama to 7, including Noah who is 6 with Down syndrome)


    • Christie
      Feb 18, 2013 @ 11:14:01

      So true about rewriting the textbooks! I’m so thankful of all the advances we are seeing and making, and though there is more progress to be made, our families enjoy so much more acceptance and awareness than the previous generation.

      Blessings to you Alyson! Thanks for commenting, and I look forward to visiting Words of His Heart!



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