Dear God, From Your Buddy Wil


(Sidenote: Wil, my son pictured above with friends Amelia and Ivy, is 6 years old and has Down syndrome. This letter written is by me, though Wil’s would be much better. Its my best effort at what I think he would say. Thanks for reading!)


Dear God,

This is a thank you letter to you for making me Who I Am. You call yourself I Am and are perfect as you are, and since you made me, I Am perfect as I Am, too!

ice cream


God, you were smart to make hugs. Hugs always make people smile no matter what. I love giving hugs the most, and people say I’m really good at it. They are right. Its fun to pick surprising times to give hugs. Sometimes, right in the middle of dinner, I’ll ask mom for a hug, and she always smiles and it makes everyone at the table smile.



I was in preschool last year, so being in Kindergarten this year, a lot of things have changed for me. The days are really long, and I get really tired. I visit lots of different teachers and therapists during the day, so I’m in and out of my classroom a lot. They all find creative ways for me to learn and even though its hard sometimes, they make learning fun. But, God, sometimes I just get so tired and its so much for me to think about at once and I feel overwhelmed.



All the words in my head don’t come out of my mouth so easy, so its hard for me to tell my teachers when I feel tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I sit on the floor and refuse to do anything. I know its not using my manners, but its the only way I know how to tell them I need a break when I feel so tired and frustrated. I’m learning to use my words better, and they are learning more about noticing when I get tired, so I don’t have to sit on the floor as much as I used to. This talking thing sure is great, and I love using new words every day, but its just hard for me sometimes.


God, my friends at school are really nice to me. My mom is so silly sometimes how she worries that people might not be nice to me because they don’t understand some of the ways I am different from them. Why wouldn’t they like me? I like to have fun and do all the things they do, just not as fast sometimes.

Valentines 2013 - Kindergarten


My teacher talked to my classmates about these differences. They were good listeners. They were such good listeners that sometimes they help me too much and the teacher has to tell them to let me do things on my own. They are great friends and I like to give them hugs a lot, too, but in school I have to ask their permission to hug first.


I learn a lot at school but I also learn a lot from my twin sisters.  I try really hard to do all the things they do. They are really good at making up games that I can play with them.  I like make-up games because everyone can play together and have fun. I love my sisters and am so happy you made them mine.



My dog Woody is also part of our family and I love him so much! We play in the snow together in the winter. I throw snowballs up in the air and he jumps up to catch them. We can do this for a long time without getting bored. In the summer, we play a lot in the kiddie pool and I squirt him with the hose. He’s so funny because he tries to eat the water coming out of the hose. I laugh a lot and we can do this for a long time, too.   You were smart to make lab dogs because they are so happy and love the water and snow. We are good buddies.

wil and woody


My grandparents are so special to me. When I was a little baby, my grandpa Longstreth taught me how to sing You Are My Sunshine. Its “our song.” I can sing the whole thing with him, and we like to hum the whole song together, too. Everyone loves it and claps when we are done. He’s also a really good swimmer and likes to teach me how to swim at his lake. My Grandma Leigh teaches Zumba class and she taught me some of her Zumba moves. I love music and dancing a lot, so I always have fun dancing with Grandma Leigh.



My Grandma Taylor is really good at arts and crafts. Every time she comes to visit she brings a project over and we have lots of fun making things. She’s also really good at drawing so we like to draw pictures together. My Grandpa Taylor is really good at tossing the ball with me, and playing catch is one of my favorite things to do. They live on a farm and I love to visit because there is so much room to run and play.

grandma taylor


God, you know my parents really well because you picked them for me so I don’t have to explain much. But, I do want to send one of my very best hugs up to you for them because they love me so much and I love them right back. I know you hear my mom and dad sending their thanks up to you for me every day.



God, mom says you surprise us a lot, and she says you have a good sense of humor. I do, too, I love to make people happy! She says you also know how to turn things from being scary into being really, really great. People are silly, God. They get scared a lot when they don’t understand things. But, when they start to learn about stuff, then the scary part disappears. I wish people would remember that more when they feel scared. I think my hugs help people feel less scared, so I give as many as I can.

Ivy and Wil piggyback


Thanks, God, for being who you are and making me who I am. I’m pretty proud of myself, and I should be, you made me!

Lots of hugs and love!

Your Buddy,


Sky's the limit! (my son, Wil, age 5)


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donaldson328
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 21:28:30

    This letter was absolutely precious. Throughout the entire thing, I had a huge smile on my face. This is a perfect example of how carefree Special Needs children are. No matter what situation they are put in, they are always happy and willing to do the best that they can. Sure, they may get tired faster than others, but that’s not an excuse for them. They can do anything they put their heart to. I believe that God gave you a precious gift — your son. He sounds beautiful and lively; a very inspiring child. I have also found that Downsyndrome kids are very lovable and like to give hugs, so it’s funny that you mentioned that. They are so happy and love to make others happy, that you have no excuse to be sad or upset. Seeing students with Special Needs interact with others is such a beautiful thing because it shows that even though we are all different, we are all the same in God’s eyes. Beautiful post.


    • Christie
      Mar 05, 2013 @ 14:01:04

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and comments! Yes, as you say, my son is a precious gift, and I’m one blessed mom to be a constant recipient of his great hugs!


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  3. Yahobahne
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 18:46:19

    Beautiful letter. The thing about it, God uniquely and wonderfully created precious Wil. He knows the number of hairs on his lil head and He loves him so much. Moreover, Father God understands evr’y lil heart beat, sound, and expressions from Wil. To me, that’s awesome, just like your dear son(his sisters…). God bless you. Keep the faith lady!! 😊


  4. Fr. Billy Clark
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 15:33:13

    Thank you! What a wonderful letter and terrific family! May you continue to teach, inspire, enlighten and share all this precious love +
    God Bless you all +


  5. Diana Mikels
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 16:21:08

    I have been blessed with such a young man. This is a beautiful letter with which I can totally relate. It’s phrased beautifully in regards to his special connection with God. Just by sharing, maybe it will reach and change someones understanding about those that are DEVELOPMENTALLY differently abled. Not just those with Down’s, but with Autism, and any other kind of developmental medical condition. They are NOT mentally ill as some in society may think. Unlike many, they are NOT violent by nature. They are BORN with a loving and meek heart. Each with their own unique personality show this unconditional love that only comes directly from God. It speaks to us through every smile, hug, and action they make. Thank you for this beautiful letter. 🙂


    • Christie
      Mar 21, 2013 @ 10:03:36

      Please give your young man a hug from me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Its is a beautiful blessing to have this awareness, and I so want others to understand and share in this, rather than have fear or misunderstanding.
      God Bless,


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