Find Your Sunshine


When Wil wakes up in the morning, he is typically full of energy and smiles. Yesterday, as he got out of bed, I picked him up and said, Morning Mr. Sunshine! And, with that, he decided to start singing You Are My Sunshine.

Be still my heart!

Anticipation of a vacation, new car, or some other luxury is exciting and can be gratifying. But absorbing these small, unexpected moments is what fills my heart with a joy that is not to be found in anything material.

Sunshine is a perfect analogy for these types of moments, as they are always there, ever plentiful, available to everyone, and never fail to add brightness to our day. The only effort on our part is to take note of them, and soak them up for all they are worth.

Dinner time is anything but relaxing in our house. We have twin girls who are 7, and Wil is 6. There is a lot of talking, wiggling in chairs, and the constant need of a refill or something passed.

When I am feeling overwhelmed and impatient, dinner time can be a source of frustration. After a long day, sometimes I would do just about anything for a moment of silence. But, when I catch myself feeling this way, I make a conscious effort to focus my mind on the value of this time for our family(some days I’m more successful than others!)

This is the time when we are all together in one place, and can learn about everyone’s day. Kids have such a wonderful perspective on things, and my husband and I always find ourselves looking up at each other sharing a secret smile across the table over one of their comments.

It may be a busy and chaotic time, but the conversations and secret smiles shared are priceless.

So many of us have overwhelming schedules, and we are working so hard so we can buy our happiness. The ironic part is, if we slow down, and take a moment to just enjoy what is right around us, we can find this happiness for free.

I find, that if I have this inner happiness I gain from the simple things, it gives me a positive energy that motivates me to achieve more in the material world. If I am always busying myself hurrying and pushing to gain the next thing, all I receive is more hurrying and pushing and am filled with empty exhaustion.

It doesn’t take much time to soak up these small, joyous moments. They are everywhere if we look for them. Enjoying an inside joke with a co-worker, that painting on the wall at work we never stopped to admire before, the change of seasons in the air, the way the trees are budding or shedding their leaves. All of these things are there for us every day, and have a way of lifting us up and infusing our lives with positive energy once we become mindful of them.

Being mindful of these things will not directly pay your bills or magically eliminate the big challenge you are facing. But, if you soak these moments up, they will fill you with more positive energy to motivate yourself to do what is needed to pay your bills or overcome that next obstacle.

When my daughters go to bed at night, I love to listen to their conversations while sitting in the living room. I may sit there with a book, and just relax with the only sound being their quiet voices. Its a simple every day thing, but it fills me with a happiness, and I go to bed relaxed and content.

Wil sang that song to me, but he and my girls are truly My Sunshine, and I do my best to soak up all the beautiful, bright moments they share with me.

All the best,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kodiak My Little Grizzly
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 11:56:59

    I know what you mean about the precious moments. I wrote last night about my son’s giggles… His life is hard and if we can make him happy then it feels so good!


    • Christie
      Mar 11, 2013 @ 13:39:20

      LOVED that post of yours!! Amazing how those giggles just lift us moms up like nothing else! 🙂


      • Kodiak My Little Grizzly
        Mar 11, 2013 @ 17:58:25

        We were just talking last night about the ingrained evil mischievous laugh little boys have.. It has to be in the male genes… You don’t hear little girls have that laugh usually and Kodi doesn’t hear anyone make that laugh… But when he does it he’s about to do something naughty…
        Then his all out full Nellie laugh and no sound comes out he’s laughing so hard… So funny.
        I LOVE your little guys smile and how you can see the smile in his eyes!!! So endearing… Your doing an amazing job if he’s so happy!!! 🙂

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