Re-focus Your Internal Lens


Isn’t this photo beautiful!

The purpose of this photo is get us to shift our perspective about her. To put a different lens on our internal camera, and view her first as a woman who enjoys photography, rather than seeing her, first, as a stereotype.

All of us have this amazing ability to shift our perspectives in almost every area of our lives. That is one empowering, yet overwhelming statement.

When I have too much on my plate, or someone is annoying me, changing my perspective is very difficult. Its much easier to complain about the person, or how many things are overtaking my life, instead of making the effort to shift my perspective and make needed changes.

The problem with complaining is, it puts our internal lens on the things that are troubling us rather than solutions.

My internal lens focused nice and clearly on the  negative yesterday afternoon.  I just received some news that I will now have to make big decisions on, and suddenly felt very overwhelmed with all the mundane day-to-day tasks still to be crossed off my list. Complaints began to form, and flow from my mouth, and they were certainly justified. However, justified or not, complaining was not going to help me with my situation.

Once I recognized what I was doing, I had to literally stop my brain from giving the negative so much attention, focus on changing my situation, and shift my perspective on the things I did not have control over.

Changing our perspective on things takes a very conscious effort. Complaining is easy, but it does nothing to change our situation. It actually can make it worse, because we are giving power to the negative aspects of our day. That only drains us of our energy, and leaves us feeling exhausted and sometimes even depressed.

It’s easy to fall victim to complaining, especially when talking to a trusted friend. We feel relaxed with them, and frustrations easily flow from our mouths.

The benefits of complaining to a friend, are if we just need a good vent, and that will help clear our heads and allow us to shift our perspectives. Or, if we feel “stuck” and are seeking our friend’s advice for solutions we aren’t able to see ourselves in our overwhelmed state. Or, if we know the changes we need to make, but are fearful, and need the encouragement of a friend to push us in the right direction.

However, if we complain to our friends for the sake of complaining, without the intention of changing our perspective and seeking solutions, all we see and create are more problems, that give us more to complain about. Finally, if our friend is a good one, they will see this pattern, and tell us to shut up and do something about it, already!

So, next time you find yourself complaining, stop for a minute and listen to yourself. What are these things you are complaining about, and how can you change them? If you can’t change certain things, view them in a different light and look for the positives. Though what you are going through may be difficult, maybe it has also made you grow as a person, has opened you to new experiences, has introduced you to new friends, etc.

Changing our perspective is not easy, but it is essential in bringing satisfaction and developing growth in our lives. Whatever you focus your internal lens on gives it energy and nurtures it. I urge you to step back and take a moment to view what you are nurturing in your life. Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, what can you do to change your situation and how can you view it from a different, more positive and productive lens?

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