Ask “Why Me?” or Shout “I Am Me!”

Me and Wil

Thank you so much for all of your comments, likes and shares yesterday in support of Wil and World Down Syndrome Day!!
We are all born with what we are born with. Some of us are born with more challenges than others through no choice of our own. Its our perception of these challenges that makes our life a drudgery of “why me” or a deeply, fulfilling one.
Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie or have you seen those young children on the news that are born with a terminal illness, yet are full of smiles and gratitude for the time they have?
Yes, their life is very hard, its not fair, and it causes strain on the family. But there is also great celebration for the gifts they have and are able to share.
So, though Wil was born with a label, I will do everything in my power not to allow that label to define who he is. He is a beautiful boy first and foremost with many gifts to share.
Having Ds does make certain tasks in life more difficult, but he is a gift, as all children are,  and its important that he knows he is a gift with every fiber of his being. Having more challenges is hard, I won’t sugar-coat it. However, he can choose to allow those challenges to shape him into an angry “why me” person or a stronger and more compassionate person.
By loving him, educating him, myself and others, I have full confidence he will continue to be the latter as he grows into adulthood.
That is the goal of days like World Down Syndrome Day. To educate people on the capabilities of those with Ds, so the labels can be removed, and they will be supported in their growth and achievements.  This knowledge helps us all to be more compassionate, and therefore, stronger people.
All the best,

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