We are Superwomen already…no x-ray vision needed.

King Salmon

This post has a different angle than my other blog posts, so bear with me, this is my outlet so I’m using it.

Today I posted an ecard on Facebook saying, “Ladies don’t need superpowers. We have yoga pants.”  Haha, very cute, right?

I adore my yoga pants! I find them both comfy and flattering to a women’s physique. They give our rear a lift, smooth out our thighs, are great to exercise or lounge in, and do not need ironing. What’s not to love?

I believe women can be attractive and respected at the same time.  However, manufactures of certain women’s clothing either don’t believe that, or could care less.

To prove that, in response to this ecard post on Facebook, a friend replied with a link to an article stating women returned yoga pants saying they were too skimpy and see-through.

Its not easy for a woman to find something both flattering to her figure and comfortable. And, just when we thought we found that in yoga pants, Hey! Guess what!! Your rear assets are showing and you didn’t even know it!

So, now, instead of just picking out a pair of yoga pants we like, we now have to bend over in the mirror, to make sure we aren’t showing off what we thought we  were simply giving a nice lift. Hmmm, not sure about you, but I find that degrading.

Now, husbands and significant others may love these see-through yoga pants for obvious reasons. Great, I have a solution for that. Rear-asset-covered yoga pants go in the exercise apparel department, rear-asset-revealed yoga pants go in the lingerie department. Problem solved! Buyers know what they are getting, companies get their revenue for marketing a product for what it truly is. Win/win

So, ladies, enjoy your superpowers, use them for good, and beware of villains who try to strip you of your respect behind your back, literally.


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  1. daystopic
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 20:44:36

    I laughed while reading this! I remember, some years back, seeing a yoga instructor bend over to pick up a mat. It became obvious right then and there that she was wearing a white thong. So I went home and bent over in front of the mirror to see if I had been flashing the world every time I wore my yoga pants. Sure enough! They are extremely comfortable, but when stretched a little they show your assets! 🙂 So now I just buy a thicker material…still comfortable…just not the official Yoga wear.


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