Color the World


(My daughter, Katherine, with the World in her hand)

This picture makes me smile for so many reasons. Katherine’s personality shines through as vibrantly as her outfit!

When Katherine came out of her room after getting dressed, my first thought was, “Wow! There are some colors! Wonder how I’m going to tell her this is not the best choice for our play date.”

Before I could open my mouth, her beaming smile over the creation of this multi-colored masterpiece grabbed my heart. My judgement over this outfit immediately evaporated. Katherine was being authentically Katherine, and was darn proud of it! I became just as proud of her, and her outfit, as she was.

Instead of the outfit being nonsensical, I realized it was my judgement that was nonsensical.

How wonderful to live that authentically everyday. Bravely putting our unique colors out there for everyone to see, without concern for what others will say.  By simply being proud of who we are, we shine all the brighter because we stand out from the “norm.”

This world is a vastly colorful place, and we should shine as brightly as we can in our own way. Not every color is going to be pleasing to everyone, but I’d rather look at the world through a kaleidoscope than through the grey lens of judgement and conformity.

Live boldly and brightly,



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