Nothing Less Than Perfect

Wil slide

Accepting yourself as you are in no way means that you now kick back and become complacent.

Exactly the opposite.

If you accept yourself as you are, it means you love yourself, and you want to do everything you can to take care of you. That means continuing to open yourself to new experiences, tackling new challenges, eating well, exercising and getting proper rest.

If you don’t love yourself, that is when you become complacent, or you strive to be someone you are not.

I am writing about this subject because in one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned that I see my son, Wil, who has Down syndrome, as perfect just as he is. There were comments such as, if he had cancer or a heart defect would you just let that go because he is perfect as he is?

Putting aside the fact those are not parallel comparisons as Ds is a genetic difference, saying my son is perfect in no way means that he should be raised in complacency, and just let whatever will be, will be.

Just like you and me, to have a healthy mind and body, he needs new experiences, exercise, rest and proper nutrition. As he has an extra chromosome, there are certain areas where he needs more physical and mental exercises than you and me to help him achieve the most he can in life.

If I did not see him as perfect, I would allow him to be complacent. Or, I would want to change him into someone that he is not, such as trying to alter his physical features so he didn’t look like he had Ds.

By seeing Wil as perfect, and realizing his value, I don’t want to change him, rather, I want to give him all these added benefits, so he is given every opportunity to be the best that he can be, while still being Wil.


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