Experiencing Experience


I can preach, teach, tell, yell all kinds of things to you, but until you experience them on your own, you will not truly understand them and feel them deep down in your heart.

We can read all we want in books, and envision how wonderful or difficult things will be, but until we experience them ourselves, we can not have a certain knowing and gratification of living them.

Experiences shape us, and stimulate our brains. We need to be constantly learning from our experiences to have a sense of well-being.

I love reading, and in no way am I dismissing that. We learn a lot from books and derive a great sense of enjoyment from them. What I am trying to say is that without experiencing something first hand, we miss out on the benefit of knowing it and feeling it.

Remember the last time you overcame a challenge? How amazing was that! You probably worried over it in your mind, tossing around all kinds of scenarios and outcomes. The experience may have been very difficult, and maybe the outcome not as you desired, but there is satisfaction and gratification from having jumped that hurdle.

When my son Wil was born, and we were told he had Down syndrome, it sent me into a tailspin. I had no idea what this meant for his future or ours. I felt very lost.

I always had faith, but when Wil was born, I lost sight of it. I began to believe things were random and subject to fate. I felt like I was falling into a black hole and had lost my sense of direction.

To experience this huge shift in my thinking was the best thing to ever happen to me. I could have read a million books, but to truly experience this, is what wacked my perspective in a different direction.

One direction I could have gone in, was deeper in the black hole. Fortunately, I didn’t get consumed in that darkness. I sought out supports to find my way out. Through this experience, I began to realize that though I may be facing great uncertainty, I am always in control of the navigation of my thoughts.

That was an epiphany that has literally changed my life. I don’t have the fear of challenges I used to have, as I know I’m in control of my thought process.

Raising Wil is an amazing experience. We have many more unexpected experiences ahead of us, but knowing we will find a way to handle them, allows me to fully enjoy my son, and appreciate all the gifts he has to offer.

This does not mean I never worry or get concerned about things. But, the more I experience, the more confident and in control of my reactions I become. Because of that, life is a much more exciting place to be.

I can not express enough how important experience is to our wellbeing. These experiences can be big, small, exciting, relaxing, meditative.

Walking in the woods, and taking the time to appreciate all the details of nature can be just as stimulating as jumping off a plane. Obviously, it’s a different kind of experience, but there are times in life we need a big jolt, and times we need the experience of peace.

Experience everything, big and small, to the fullest.

All the best,



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