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Early this AM, Wil woke up as I was at the end of my workout, doing ab work on the floor. He walked up to me, got down on the floor, laid the side of his head on my tummy, looked up and gave me a great, big smile. As if that didn’t melt my heart enough, he said “Go Mommy!”

The best part is, he pulls this kind of stuff all the time. He does it in different ways, but the message is always the same. He loves me and is always cheering for me. Thanks buddy, right back at you!

Isn’t this what we all want? Someone who loves us completely and cheers us on. No strings attached, just pure and honest.

The trouble is, as we grow into adulthood, there have been times when we were hurt giving of ourselves. So we pull back, or expect something for everything we give.

What we didn’t do, is love ourselves and cheer for ourselves, first. Not in a defensive way, or using comparisons to others, but simply honoring who we are as individuals.

If we have that pure honesty within ourselves, it is easy to give freely and honestly to others. There is great strength in this. There is a big difference between giving ourselves away, and giving of ourselves.

If we do not honor who we are, and have an innate respect for ourselves, we are apt to give ourselves away. This is where we are taken advantage of and make ourselves suseptible to receiving hurt and absorbing this hurt.

If we honor who we are, then we are able to give of ourselves. We are generous, kind, compassionate.  If someone purposely tries to hurt us, we can actually see the hurt within them that they are projecting on us, rather than absorbing it.

When you see this, depending on their actions, you are able to walk away and let them go or offer them your compassion. It is not an easy thing to do, but the other option of holding their hurt inside of you is destructive.

If things aren’t going well, I need to consciously step back and remind myself to be good to me. This may involve exercising, meditating, reading spiritual books, talking to a dear friend. Whatever it takes, it is very important to take these steps. If I am not in a good place, I can not offer to others what I do not have myself.

Lucky for me, I have the best cheerleader right here at home keeping me on my toes!

All the best,


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