Haircut from Hell a Blessing?

Wil haircut edited

Haircut from hell yesterday.

You’d think my son was in the dental chair the way he fought his haircut. I had  his beloved Yo Gabba Gabba music videos on my iphone for him as a distraction, yet none of them calmed him. Even the promise of his favorite vanilla ice cream at the Dairy Queen down the street was bringing any cooperation.

Fortunately, our hairstylist is a very patient and persistent woman. She managed to pull off a nice haircut despite Wil’s bobbing and turning head at her every attempt.

As Wil is getting older (he recently turned 6), he is increasingly testing the boundaries. As challenging as it is, I welcome this assertion.

This new drive to assert himself is a developmental milestone.  One thing I’ve learned raising Wil, is that no matter the behavior, a milestone is a milestone.

That doesn’t mean I allow him a no boundary existence. Like anyone, he needs boundaries to feel secure and do his best to thrive in our society. But, you better believe I am celebrating inside no matter how the milestone reveals itself.

When Wil was younger, he took a water bottle from the nightstand by my bed, twisted off the cap, and poured the entire contents on the bed. Though I wasn’t thrilled to have a sopping wet bed, inside I was cheering because it was the first time he used the fine motor skills that are very challenging for him to self-initiate twisting off a very small water bottle cap.

While Wil’s newly developed boundary testing assertion can be challenging at times, he now has increased motivation to use speech to express what he wants in his frustration, and to further increase back and forth speech exchanges with others.

This milestone is key in relieving Wil of the frustration of not being able to communicate his needs, and also for developing deeper relationships with others. Wil is a very social kid, and loves being engaged with others. This can only help him feel more connected to his friends, and his friends more connected to him.

Aside from that, I’m his mom. I so desire this back and forth communication with my son, that I know he is capable of. We are getting there, and though it may not be blossoming in the prettiest way, to witness the blossoming is no less a beautiful experience.

Its a precious gift to hear him share what is going on in that smart, reluctantly buzz cut head of his.

All the best,



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