Making Memories


(Wil and his Grandpa, busy making memories)

When Annette Funnicello passed away, I saw a TV interview with her famous companion, Frankie Avalon.

Part of the interview took place in Frankie’s basement, the walls and shelves completely covered with photos and relics from famous days past. It was nothing less than a shrine, worshipping a moment in time.

Watching, I felt a wave of sadness for Frankie.

Memories are powerful, and very personal. To have photos or relics of special memories is precious, indeed.

Reminiscing over times past with a dear friend, especially at their passing, is very comforting and healing. However, the sadness I felt for Frankie was that he appeared to be doing more than reminiscing. What I saw come over his face in this relic covered room, was that in his mind, these mementos represented the best days of his life.

His happiness was derived from living amongst these things, though their time had long passed. There was no desire to venture out of this room to create more memories. Why bother, how could they compare?

Whether what I perceived in Frankie’s face and demeanor was accurate or not, it made an impact on me.

I do not want to get stuck in time, no matter how adventurous and exciting the time was. As I move forward in this life, I will continue to hold past memories dear, and reserve a special place to honor them and take time to reminisce.  At the same time, I will be careful to leave lots of open wall and shelf space for mementos of new memories being made.

When my Maker comes to take me Home, I pray He won’t find me amongst my things. I pray He’ll give me the strength to use up all of my last breath while making my last new memory.

All the best,




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