No Excuses!

special olympics

Its amazing what can be accomplished when we kick our excuses to the curb.

Our excuses become so habitual, we don’t even realize we are making them….they have a subtle, but very effective voice.

If you’ve always wanted to accomplish something, no matter how big or small, but can’t seem to find the courage to do it, stop for a moment and do a “check in” with yourself.  You will find that excuses are what is holding you back.

Excuses are sneaky. They know exactly when and how to speak, so you don’t even realize they are there. When you do discover them, they are quite convincing of all the reasons you shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t.

Like a silver bullet to a werewolf’s heart, questions are the downfall of excuses.

Question their validity. Be relentless in your questioning, and you will find excuses are rarely based in fact.

Once you see excuses for what they are, tell them, See ya! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

You, my friend, free of that noisy nonsense in your head, can hear loud and clear, the exhilarating: I will, I can, I did!

Be well!



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