One Red Petunia

Halloween cropped

“Sometimes something can look beautiful just because it’s different in some way from the other things around it. One red petunia in a window box will look very beautiful if all the rest of them are white, and vice-versa.” Andy Warhol

Wil is a red petunia. He is beautiful in his differences.

I was helping out in Wil’s kindergarten class today.  While all the kids were in line to wash hands, I saw Wil talking to one of his classmates. The classmate gave Wil an awkward look.

This classmate didn’t understand what Wil was trying to say. Then, another classmate must have seen what was happening, and came over to help Wil get his point across.

Wil has this effect…he brings out the kindness and compassion in people.

I also see this every day when I meet him after school at the bus. There are kids who take turns sitting next to him, because they want to be with him.

Wil is an expert at finding the fun in things. Whether it be at his Music Together class, swimming lessons, school or other social occasions, though he can be a handful, he is quick to smile and find the best in things.

This attitude is infectious, and it’s a rare moment when I don’t see people smiling when they are with him. He simply has a way of making everything, and everyone, brighter.

Yes, Wil is a red petunia. He is a bright splash of color, that stands out beautifully with the companionship of others, at the same time drawing forward the brightness of those that stand around him.


~Have you had a red petunia experience? What was that like for you? What were the differing reactions?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kodiak My Little Grizzly
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 22:48:03

    Very cute story and photo!!!


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