Whisper of the Teacher


Look at that face! You can see why I’m head over heels!

Wil was a very easy, and happy baby. He loved to be held and was rarely fussy.

That was wonderful in and of itself, but was an added bonus when he started physical, occupational and speech therapy at only a few months old. He was very patient and eager to please, while doing all the various exercises the therapists prescribed for him.

These therapists showed me many techniques to help Wil strengthen his low muscle tone, develop his speech, and increase his fine motor skills.

Wil is 6 now, so incorporating this therapy work into his day is simply routine.

If he places something down, I ask him if it is on top of, under, or beside. When we walk up the stairs, we don’t just go up, we work on “big boy” steps, so that he alternates his feet as he advances up the stairs.

When we are outside playing, I assist him up the rock climbing wall so he uses his gross motor skills. When he blows bubbles, we chase and pop them to incorporate fine motor skills. His trike is always ready for him to hop on and work on those pedalling skills.

He is constantly learning, and its all part of his fun and daily activities. He is quick to cheer for himself over his successes 🙂

There are so many helpful learning tools and learning techniques out there for our kids, that I am grateful for. But, sometimes, it gets overwhelming.

I’ll be made aware of a new program that increases certain skills, then another program that may be better. Some say do it this way, some say try it that way. My head starts to spin wondering if I know enough, how will I ever know enough, to give Wil everything he needs??

Under all those pressing questions, if I pause and listen closely, I can hear a voice. Its very quiet, yet strong in its soothing. It says, “Hush…you love him and will continue to do your best for him.  Listen to the experts, take it all in. Let their advice soak into your mind for a while. Then, apply that to what you know deep inside. You will find, it’s not about knowing enough, or which way is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, its much more subjective than that. What is right for one, may be wrong for another. This is about what is right for Wil.”

That voice reminds me of a teacher I once had.  When things got noisy and rowdy in the classroom, she would start to whisper. One child would notice her whispering, and stop their chatter to hear what she was saying. Another child would pick up on it, and so on. Soon, the whole class was completely silent, eager to hear what she had to say.

If I allow myself to quiet down, all those noisy questions stop their chatter, and I can hear the whisper of the teacher.


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