Trekking the Positive Path

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What you focus on, expands.

I read this statement in a book, and I started paying attention to it.

I found it to be true. So, I decided to make a very conscious effort to keep my trek on the positive path.

I am an optimist by nature, so starting out on this path was a familiar and easy one. I was lightly floating along, my mind full of happy thoughts, until…


In my blind optimism, I didn’t see the boulder in front of me, and I walked right into its unmoving force.

I discovered, just because I had a positive outlook, didn’t mean that roadblocks and obstacles would magically disappear. To maintain a positive outlook requires a very conscious effort.

The roadblocks and obstacles are our teachers. It is where we learn to focus our thoughts, and based on our decisions, our reality expands in that direction.

My choices at that moment were:

1. Dwell on the pain, and blame the boulder.

2. Be scared of encountering another boulder, so do not advance any further.

3. Acknowledge the pain, how it happened, then step around the boulder and move on.

I tried blaming the boulder for a while. It didn’t change anything, and only served to make me more upset. I had given the power to the boulder, and not myself.

As I got closer to acknowledging this roadblock and doing the work of walking around it, I became scared. What is on the other side? Will I get hurt? Will I encounter a full row of boulders just like this one?

Again, I was giving the power over to the boulder.

I sought the support of friends. They encouraged me to do what was needed. Even with their encouraging words, I was the one responsible for keeping my focus on how I could succeed, not on how I could fail.

I stood up, and took my steps. I decided, whatever was on the other side, I would handle. I wouldn’t be scared by it, I would do what I had to do, as it came.

I made it around, and I will tell you this, it was the most empowering feeling in the world. Yes, it was scary, but keeping a positive forward focus, was a strength builder. I sought out any bright moment to empower and encourage me.

I continue to trek the positive path, and every day I get better at it. I have left that blind optimism behind, and make an effort every day to seek out and create bright moments. If things are looking bleak, I’ve found that sharing time with supportive friends, meditation and exercise always serve to refresh my outlook.

I have developed a deep faith in this way of thinking, and it has carried me through many rough spots. Sure, I still stumble and lose my focus, and get caught in the negative net. But, its much easier to catch myself, and use the tools I’ve learned to free myself of it, and find my way back to the positive path again.

I am thankful to the author for sharing this statement, as it has made a huge positive impact in my life. I hope in some way, sharing my experience is helpful to you!

Please feel free to share your stories that made a positive impact on your life!

Be well!


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