The Music Man


Wil had his last Music Together class last night.

Music is Wil’s joy.

It is also a wonderful learning tool for him. If you sing Wil a song, he will comprehend and retain what is being taught much quicker than if it is spoken to him.

In school, he’s learned the days of the week, how to spell red, blue, green, and countless other concepts through song.

Since Wil was a newborn, my dad has sung “You Are My Sunshine” to Wil. Wil adores this, and they now sing it together every time they see each other. Wil was able to sing the entirety of that song before he could put two words together in a regularly spoken sentence.

When Wil and I are driving in the car together, if I don’t have the radio on, he’ll start singing his own songs to entertain himself. It’s the cutest darn thing, and I’m so impressed with how easily he finds ways to keep himself happy and busy.

I hope he never outgrows this habit of singing just for the pure joy of it. It not only lifts him up, but anyone in his circumference.

I’ve adopted his habit of impromptu singing. Now, when I find myself doing mundane tasks like washing dishes, chopping veggies, or weeding, I sing. I find I do a better job, and I enjoy what I’m doing, rather than just getting through another daily task.

Wil has taught me so many things that are seemingly simple, yet bring so much more joy and fulfillment to life.

Wil teaches his lessons in one of my favorite ways. He doesn’t push his ideas on anyone, or preach what’s right or wrong. He teaches by doing. We need only observe Wil being Wil, to learn.

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