What is perfect?

Beckie and WilTheresa and Wil

(Photo:Wil and Beckie)                               (Photo: Wil and Theresa)


What is perfect?

To be completely free of faults and defects, right?

Ugh, how unbelievably boring!

Just about anything you can think of is more interesting for its flaws and defects.

A perfectly straight and tall tree may be a sight to see, but I could stare much longer at a tree that had some lean years. It will be all the more interesting for its twists and bends, and I will be filled with admiration of how strong it must be to continue to grow tall beyond those lean times.

Even perfect supermodels are known for their flaws, as minute as they may be. A gap in the tooth, a mole, different eye colors. It makes them more interesting, they stand out in the sea of flawless perfection.

And what of our visions of perfect children?

My son has 47 chromosomes, while to be “perfect” is to have 46.

Shocking though it may seem, some people actually decide to terminate a pregnancy over this itty, bitty additional chromosome.

Yes, sadly, deep down, many of us are hung up on perfection.

I’m here to tell you its A-Ok to be imperfect. In fact, imperfections are what can actually bring us closer to what we are looking for in perfect.

I believe that in perfect, we are looking for happiness. If we have the perfect body, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect spouse, the perfect children, then that will bring us happiness.

WAAAHHHHH (that’s my attempt at typing the red buzzer sound). Wrong answer, try again!

Those things can bring us some satisfaction and comfort, most definitely. But, all of those things could change due to circumstances.

What brings happiness and gratification is accepting imperfections, and doing the best with what we are given.

Have you ever achieved something you didn’t think you could do? THAT brings happiness and gratification.

Have you ever encouraged someone to reach a goal, and then watched them achieve it? THAT brings happiness and gratification.

Those experiences are not material, so can not be taken away. These achievements also have the power to encourage you and fill you with confidence to achieve even more. It’s a gratifying cycle that keeps on giving.

Sure, it’s not easy, but that is a big part of what is so gratifying about it. Working diligently and persistently makes the achievement all the sweeter.

Instant gratification is wonderful, and needed in our daily lives, to give us a spring in our step to encourage us to move forward. But, its achieving the difficult challenges the bring us deep, lasting joy.

The point I’m trying to make is just because a project or even a human life doesn’t look the way we want it to, and we fear the challenges, doesn’t mean that we should give up on it.

I am here to tell you that my son’s itty bitty chromosome is nothing to fear, quite the opposite.

I won’t pour sugar all over this and tell you its easy, but I can not think of a single day that my son did not bring immense happiness and gratification to our lives.

Thanks to my son, and his 47 chromosomes, I’ve also been privileged to meet some amazing people I never would have before.

I will forever be grateful to Wil’s speech therapist, Theresa, and Service Coordinator, Beckie, when Wil was born.

These two incredible women took our family under their wing and prepared us to fly. They worked tirelessly and lovingly with Wil, and we all jumped for joy together with his every achievement.

I saw first-hand how they would find ways to engage Wil and help him learn. I saw how hard he worked and the look of pride when it clicked and he mentally understood  or could physically do the task.  Both to see that achievement, and be part of encouraging it, is pure happiness, joy, and gratitude to those who helped and encouraged him.

The challenges grow larger as Wil gets older, but so then, do the successes grow larger.

As I mentioned earlier, the more achievements accomplished, the more confidence built. I know that we will handle the challenges as they come, and our strength, joy and gratitude will grow with them.

Ahhh, now that is true Perfection!


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