Soaking up a moment


I’m soaking up a peaceful moment.

Sitting in the kitchen, looking through the patio screen door, I observe the alfalfa wistfully waver with the breeze in our back field, while the lovely scent of sweet baby Kim lilacs fill the air.

Then, as I look to the right…

I observe the dog hair wistfully waver with the breeze all over the hardwood floor, as dirty lunch dishes fill the sink.

And, if I listen closely, I can hear my children quickly and efficiently deconstructing an entire room, and once completed, ready to move on to deconstructing the next.

If you have children, life is busy. Places to go, meals to plan, boo boos to kiss, mountains of laundry, and the list goes on.

It can get overwhelming, and sometimes we parents need a “time out.” I have become quite creative at finding ways to give myself a “time out.” As we tell our kids, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Its amazing what just a few moments of peace will do for your state of mind when the going gets tough.

When my kids were really little, and we were having a particularly demanding day, I made an excuse to retreat for a few moments(fake having to “pee really bad” and dash off to the bathroom…kids always understand that one!).

That few moments alone(if its more than that, kids are expert trackers and WILL find you), is a godsend. Its just enough time to get my mind centered, and put myself back in a proactive, rather than emotionally reactive, state of mind.

Now that the twins are almost 8, and my son is 6, I can explain to them that mommy needs a few moments to herself. They are good with it, and probably like the break from mommy, too!

We lead busy, fast-paced lives, and that is all the more reason to carve out time for a peaceful moment. We may have to get creative, but no judgement here, just find your way.

I need that reminder that if I’m good to me, I have more to give to those I love.

Be well!



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