Happiness is not found in a bubble machine, but it helps :)



Every single morning, without fail, Wil wakes up with a big smile and a “Good Morning, Mommy!”

Even my beloved morning coffee can’t touch the natural high that happy, little voice lifts me up with in the AM.

Wil is prone to croup in the winter and spring, yet even after a night of that deep, gasping for air cough, that frightens the heck out of both of us, when morning comes, he still wakes with a smile, ready to take on the day.

Oh, but don’t let me give you the wrong impression that happiness is the only fuel in Wil’s personality gauge. He experiences a complete range of emotions.

If he is tired and frustrated at school, he will absolutely refuse to do a lesson. He won’t think twice about crawling under a table or plopping himself on the floor, and refuse to move. His stubborn streak is quite impressive, indeed.

He gets mad at his sisters if they won’t play with him, and he will get very frustrated that he’s not able to get all of his words out that he wants to say to them. When this happens, he’ll stop trying to talk and just stand there and yell angrily, “AHHHHHHH!”

However, if he is having a stubborn or angry moment, he feels his emotions, expresses them, and then moves on to the next thing. He doesn’t hold on to the anger or frustration and let it affect the rest of his day.

The other day, I couldn’t get Wil’s bubble machine to work. He was very impatient and upset with me for not working my mommy magic to fix his prized toy.  Try as I might, it was a goner. Wil was mad and I was unable to distract him with another toy. He was set on the bubble machine.

After many failed attempts at distracting him, I said, “Sorry, buddy, you just need to find something else to do” and left him to his own devices.

He sulked for a bit, and then, he walked to the  garden hose, turned it on, and started to squirt and play with our labrador, Woody. Within moments, Woody was jumping all around chasing the water, and Wil was giggling like crazy.

Bubble machine? What bubble machine?

Wil loves that bubble machine, and I know he will not forget about it. But, he didn’t let the fact that he couldn’t play with it ruin the rest of his day. He got mad, mourned the loss of it, then found another way to bring some joy into his day.

I know, even if Wil goes to bed missing his bubble machine, he will still wake up happy in anticipation of a new day, and new ways to find happiness.

And, yes, don’t you worry, I will get my sweet boy a new bubble machine. 🙂

Be well!






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mamajoyx9
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 20:58:34

    Beautiful – and so encouraging to this momma who is constantly wondering if her son will be able to thrive as he grows up. Sounds like Will is doing great!


    • Christie Taylor
      Jun 05, 2013 @ 10:17:36

      It warms my heart to hear you were encouraged by this post. Encouragment from others who are going through similar situations is so very important. I know too well those feelings of concern, and am so thankful for my friends who “get it” and for sources of inspiration.
      btw, I love your updates on your new home! Its got to be a crazy time…hang in there mamajoy!! 🙂


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