A Little Ingenuity Goes A Long Way


Yesterday, my little guy gave me a scare, and taught me a lesson.

My three children, our little Holland Lop bunny, and I drove up to visit a woman who runs the 4-H program for bunnies. The twins were very excited to see all the bunnies she had and to learn about registering our Lop.

As we pull up her long driveway, we see she has a modest home, with a neighboring barn, and plenty of surrounding property.

She greets us and walks us through the barn, chock-full of buns in pens.

The owner is clearly in her element as she explains the personalities of her many breeds. The twins couldn’t be happier. They have never learned about and seen so many different types of bunnies all in one place.

Wil, on the other hand, is having none of it.

The barn floor is squishy with wet hay, the lighting is dim and there are loud fans blowing. Wil is not a fan of uneven surfaces, the dark or loud noises. With all this going on, he could care less about the bunnies, all he wants is out.

I pick him up and carry him, and try to distract him with some cute baby bunnies, but he’s still not having it.

Then, we see a friendly cat waltz through the barn.

He wants to pet the cat. So I set him down, and off he goes after the cat.

The cat runs out of the barn, and so does Wil. Wil is known to take off, and I know he will go wherever this cat goes, so I run out after him, and holler to the owner and the girls that I am leaving for a moment.

It couldn’t have been 30 seconds that Wil was out of my sight, but now he is gone. There is a lot of property, without many trees, so I can see a great distance, yet he is nowhere in sight.

I tell myself, stay calm, he can’t be far. I run to the house and peek in the door, calling for Wil.


I run down to the neighbor’s house, all the while yelling, “Wil! Wil! Wil!”

No, they have not seen him.

Now, my heart is going a million miles an hour, my voice getting more shrill in calling for Wil, but I am still hanging onto my sanity with the fact that there are no trees and I can see all around me.

I run back toward the barn, thinking maybe he ran around the other side. As I do, there in the driveway sitting on the ground by the owner’s pick up truck, is Wil.

I hadn’t seen him as I ran out of the barn, because the pick-up blocked my view. Now, coming back toward the barn, I could see he had been right there all the time.

My emotions and Wil’s were polar opposites. Wil was joyful and relaxed, playing and petting the cat’s belly.

I stood there watching him awash with relief yet my brain and pounding heart struggling to release the seconds before felt panic.

I knew he had to have seen me run by calling him, but didn’t say a peep. He knew he’d have to go back in the barn if I found him.

I picked him up and gave him a huge hug. His feet did not touch the ground the rest of our stay.

Wil is a smart kid, he knew he wanted out of that barn, and he wanted to play with that cat. He found a way to elude me while staying within only a few feet from the barn.

After I had calmed down, I had to admire his tactic. He didn’t go to great lengths to get what he wanted. Using some ingenuity, he obtained what he wanted without going far at all.

Wil is full of life lessons. I just wish he didn’t have to scare the heck out of me to be sure I was paying attention!

I now know first hand, and will not soon forget, that a little ingenuity goes a long way 🙂

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