Trig Palin’s light shines above Bill Maher’s cowardice

Me and Wil

(Photo: Wil reaching out…showing us what awareness is all about)

Bill Maher used the “R” word in a stand up comedy act in reference to Sarah Palin’s son, Trig.

If there ever was a definition of a bully and a coward, that would be it right there.

Bill, if you don’t like Sarah and her politics, fine, whatever. But to go after her child?  I can not think of a reason or apology good enough for that.

And, as if that were not enough, Barbara Walters, who grew up with a cognitively impaired sister, defended Bill, saying she didn’t think he intended it to be “mean-spirited.”

You seriously expect us to believe that, Barbara? You personally know better, yet you stand up for this bullying remark?

What clearly happened in this situation, is politics was put above the value of Trig’s life.

That fact makes me incredibly sad. People with this type of vocal platform, have used it to defend cowardly behavior rather than stand up for what is right.

Whatever your beliefs about Sarah Palin’s politics are, she has made a positive impact in showing the world how Trig is an accepted and integral part of her family’s active life.

Tragically, many parents terminate their pregnancies when they learn their child has Ds. This is due, in a large part, to lack of awareness of the quality of life of our kids have and the value and joy they bring to our families.

When a mother is pregnant, or just has a baby, and the family is told their child has Ds, it is overwhelming.  The prevailing thoughts are, What will our child’s quality of life be? How will this effect our family?

Parents are desperately seeking out any sign of what life is like with a child with Ds, and the examples are few and far between.

The fact alone of Sarah having Trig in the public eye, is huge for positive awareness.  We see Trig out on the Alaskan nature trails with his family, lounging and playing in the backyard with his siblings, cheering on his dad at a snowmobile expedition. He is simply an integral and valued member of the Palin family.

And, those smiles on each of the Palin family member’s faces when they are engaged with Trig speak volumes. I know and feel those smiles, because I have the same smile when I’m with Wil.

Sarah’s also furthered awareness by writing articles about raising Trig. When I read her words, they all ring true. She writes openly and honestly, speaking of the challenges, but also of the immense joy Trig brings to her family.

Whatever you believe about Sarah Palin, these facts alone bring great awareness, and should not be slammed and then defended in the name of politics.

As a parent, and an advocate, it just crushes me when I see people’s political opinions devalue what Sarah has done simply by the fact of giving Trig life, and showing the world what a valued part of their family he is.

Trig is a shining star, and Sarah is showing the world how brightly he shines upon her family.  That example is much needed and should be celebrated, not put down in cowardice.

All the best,


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