Remain Happy Always

2011 with Rileys

(Photo: Wil at the Buddy Walk with his friends, Lauren and Liam)

“So, grieve not over your loss,
A stepping stone to your success,
If you want to remain happy always” ~Rajaram Ramachandran

When Wil was born, and we were told he had Down syndrome, I read many baby books on the subject.

The books told me that I would first experience the feeling of loss.

I’m here to tell you, that is, in fact, true.

I have experienced and continue to experience loss in:









These losses were difficult, and though have diminished, still resurface to show their old ways under certain circumstances.

To find strength to get through these losses, I need only observe my son and they become a distant memory.

I see Wil in school, therapy, and with friends, and Wil gives fully of himself in everything he does. In observing him, its clear to see his motivation is the companionship and comraderie of others.

I love to play basketball with Wil, because he tries his hardest, but always is sure to give me a turn.

If I make a basket but he doesn’t, he cheers loudly and excitedly for me. Jealousy and comparison do not enter his mind, he is simply happy for my success.

If Wil makes a basket, he will cheer just as loudly for himself. To him, every success is to be celebrated.

Most of all, he enjoys the time we are spending together, and so do I.

Wil, thank you for showing me the way to remain happy always.







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