Live Grandly, Embrace Simplicity


I value simplicity.

Life is complex enough as it is without adding anything to it.

Yet, there is so much pressure to always be going somewhere, buying something, eating something, needing something, wanting something.

We are like drug addicts, happy for a moment, then when the feeling fades, off for our next fix. Go, go, go, do, do, do…its a vicious cycle.

I think Andy Griffith was on to something with Mayberry, yet, I’m not suggesting we go back there. Modern conveniences are a wonderful thing! It’s just that we are so used to everything being so easily accessible, that we have taken the creativity out of living, and lost the time to make our own fun and to truly bond with one another.

We may be going and doing all of these things together, but the focus is not on the relationship, it is on the next thing.

To live simply is to live creatively. It takes some effort on our part to find things to do away from the store, the computer, the TV, the event. Yet, to live creatively is to live with deep and lasting gratification.

Let me be crazy for a moment, and suggest we do nothing other than take time to simply enjoy time with family, friends, and by yourself. No gadgets, no stores, no events, just time together. It’s as easy and as difficult as that.

Sure, the kids may complain there is nothing to do for a few minutes, but then, that is where the creative juices start flowing.  The best times the kids and I have had is playing in the back yard squirting the hose or going on garden walks and seeing their amazement at the different types of plants. We talk and laugh and grow closer to each other.

All the buying and going and doing may bring pleasure for a short time, but its the simple moments in life you created and shared together that make lasting memories and build stronger relationships.

We get it backwards sometimes, going after so much and doing so much. When, to live grandly, we need only embrace simplicity.

All the best,



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