Just a typical morning


Kids and I were out the door at 6:30AM, armed with snacks, tennis racquets, diaper bag and my personal training bag. I had two clients this AM, one at 7AM, the other at 8AM, and my kids entertained themselves in the gym while I trained. Then, it was time to go from the gym to the twin’s tennis lessons, so when I finished work at 9AM, I saw Wil had pooped through his shorts, so I used baby wipes to clean up his shorts to the best of my ability. That put us behind, but no way to make up on time because I was driving behind a big, lumbering and spitting gravel truck the whole way, so I play some of the kids music, dole out string cheese, and try to enjoy the ride staring at the back of this huge grey truck, but I have to pee like crazy, and didn’t have time at the gym with all the clean-up, so when we get to tennis, and the twins are set for their lesson, I make a quick walk with Wil to the stinky port-a-potty outside the courts. I squeeze him in with me so he doesn’t run off, and tell him DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! Mission accomplished, now time to chase him around while also making an effort at being attentive to the girls in observing their lesson. After tennis, kids are hot, tired and whiny(and so is mommy), so I decide to treat us to a Wendy’s Frosty, and we have just enough time to hit the drive-thru and get Wil to summer school and I’m hoping to make it home first to get a fresh pair of shorts. Bonus, I see the drive-thru line only has one person ahead of us. Apparently, the driver ahead of us is short on money, and as we sit there, I see a laugh exchange between Wendy’s attendant and driver as he searches his car and hands her a few dollars, searches again, hands her a few more dollars, until finally, he must have dug up the balance and its our turn, we get our Frostys and off we go, get home, I dash in the house to grab a clean pair of shorts cursing myself for not bringing them in the first place along with all of the other stuff I had packed for our morning adventures, and zip off to Wil’s school and arrive only 3 min late.

Its only noon and I am whipped. The girls and I chill out for the hour Wil is at school. Its nice, and we enjoy the silence together.

Then, its time to pick up Wil at school and have lunch. Its busy at the table, lots of chatter and talk of the day.

After lunch, everyone goes off to play. I pick up a bit, heat up some tea for a caffeine boost, and Wil comes out of his room in his favorite Elmo costume, all smiles, ready to tackle the afternoon.

And so, energized by those smiles and caffeine, off we go to take on the second part of our day.

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