The Aisle Runner Incident


Sunday afternoon, the kids and I went to Meijer. If you’ve been there on a Sunday, you know it’s a busy place.

Wil was insisting on walking, instead of riding in the cart.

But he didn’t walk.

He ran.

Down every aisle.

Bear in mind I had my 8-year-old twins with me in this busy store, so off we would go, weaving between people, to catch up with him.

Once we caught up with him, I’d have a discussion with him about not only walking, but walking WITH us.

That lasted about 30 seconds until he was off again.

So, I gave him some jobs. Please get that off the shelf for mommy, great thanks, now that over there, please.

That worked for a few items, then he felt the need for speed again.

Once we caught up with him, another discussion about walking WITH us or he’d have to go in the cart.

Walk, walk, walk, RUN!

So, consequences being what they are, in the cart he went.

Now, lifting up an almost 60 pound child and putting him in the seat of the cart is not an easy task, especially when he doesn’t want to be put there.

Naturally, we attracted some attention.

Funny, even though no one said a word, you can feel what they are thinking. Some are sympathetic, some just want to see what is going on, and some are judging.

So, under their watchful eyes, I did what needed doing, threw a tired smile at the onlookers conveying show’s over, everything is A-Ok, and my crew and I went on our merry way(well, except Wil, who wasn’t very merry at the moment).

It can be hard to shake off all of those looks, but, truth be told, most of those onlookers probably forgot about us the minute they ran into the person handing out free samples.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. maria
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 02:58:22

    Oh my. Sounds like my typical outings with Katie and her 8 yr old sister! Frustration always follows on my end…still working on that smile afterwards 🙂


  2. Christie Taylor
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 17:28:25

    Haha, a glass of wine afterwards always helps, too! 😉
    Hope the girls are having a good start to their school year!


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