Yet another “Dear Offensive Person” blog letter?


There are a lot of letters being blogged these days, especially from us parents of kids with special needs:

Dear ____

You offended me and you suck.

Here is a list of reasons why you suck….


Ticked off blogger

These letters are easy to read and get a point across. But, lately, every single letter I’ve read is a list of complaints about someone and how offensively they behaved.

Believe me, I get it. I’ve seen and heard people be rude, quick to judge and speak before they think. And, it sure can be therapeutic to vent it all out in writing.

But, in advocating for my son, I’ve always found letting people know what I do want, rather than what I don’t, to be more effective. So, I will jump on the bandwagon with my version:

Hi there,

Ahhh, you have not had much experience with children with special needs, have you? Yep, thought so. That’s ok, this is your golden opportunity!

Wait, don’t walk away, just humor me for a moment.

You think my son’s singing is strange, but it keeps him happy and occupied while we shop.  Wil, what are you singing?

“Old MacDonald!”

Surely, you know Old MacDonald. Now listen to him singing again. You hear it?

Funny, but I bet you are in a better mood right now than you were just a few moments ago. Ha, thought so!

Believe it or not, your life has just been changed. It’s as simple as that.

So many things can look and sound strange to us, but if we just take a moment to try to understand, we’ll realize that we know the same tune, we just sing it a little differently.

I appreciate your time, you can get on with your day now.

Oh, and you are welcome!


Wil’s mom

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