7 Ways to a Happy Ending


Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story? We all want a happy ending.

But, we are really good at getting in the way of our happy endings and crush them before they even have a chance to develop.


Because, we try to control every detail of how the ending will get here and how it will end. When it doesn’t happen the way we want it to, and it rarely does, we get frustrated, lose hope, and declare that happy endings are only in fairy tales.

Not true! Happy endings are very real, and happen every day!

We may not have a fairy godmother to zap all our troubles away, but we do have something else.

Control over our emotions.

Instead of controlling how our happy ending will get here, we need put our focus on controlling our emotions. Only then will the red carpet roll out for us to walk right into our happy ending.

Here are 7 steps to walking right into your happy ending:

1. Let go of the anger and stress toward a situation or person(tall order, I know, but this isn’t about who is right or wrong, it’s about a happy ending for you)

2. Let go of the specific way you want a situation handled. Focus instead, on how you will FEEL when it’s resolved. Let the peace, contentment and happiness flood your emotions. If you are doing this right, your heart rate will increase with the joy of it.

3. Whenever thoughts of the situation or person rise up and bring stress, and they will, excuse yourself for a moment, and conjure up feelings of being free, content and joyful that you practiced in #2.

4. As you lie in bed every night, just before sleep, imagine that all the conflict is over and you feel content. Don’t think about how or why, just let the feeling of contentment wash over you. You will rest peacefully and your subconscious will be alert to solutions.

5.  Once you have been able to control and release your stress with 1-4, stay alert to people or situations that can help you. Stress blinds us to this help, and it’s almost miraculous in the ways people or situations show up in our lives once we let the stress and hatred go.

6. Once you see a door open, or are given a helping hand, give thanks for it, accept it, and follow through with it.

7. Allow yourself to have a happy ending. Believe in them. They never fail to grow bigger and better once we release them of our control.

It takes a great amount of discipline to bring feelings of peace and contentment into our hearts when we are feeling great stress and pressure. And, I don’t know if it ever gets easier, but I know that it is always worth it.

Every single time my son has an IEP(goal setting meeting), or we have a change in status with school or his health, my first instinct is fear, worry and stress. But, I know how important it is to spend the last 10 minutes before sleep laying in bed and relaxing my body.

I picture myself very happy and pleased with the outcome. I go to sleep with that picture and let the contentment wash over me. My heartbeat picks up and I actually start to feel excited anticipation of the great things to come. I don’t try to control how it will happen, but I have a knowing it will happen for our greater good, and I send up thanks for that.

I stay alert to people or situations that can help me. When I see them, I take action, and invariably, a situation will end better than I anticipated.

As one brief example, a mistake was made during Wil’s summer school. I was very concerned and upset about it. After I had time to cool off and take a step back, I realized that if I came at this from an angry perspective, it would have put people on the defensive and turned into a blame game rather than resolving the issue. No happy ending.

I laid down in bed that night, and it took some time, but I was able to let the stress go and picture myself content with a feeling of peace and the issue resolved.

The very next morning, a school administrator was standing right outside of Wil’s classroom. Now, this is summer, so administrators are not normally wandering the halls (door to happy ending just opened, so I walked in!).

It being summer, the administrator also had more time to talk, and was not harried with the multitude of items typically on their school year schedule. We had a great talk about my concerns, and not only were the issues handled, I also received positive assurances about other things I had not even asked about. Happy ending!

I could go on to list many more examples, and of course, some issues take longer to resolve than others, but there has never been a time this has not worked for me.

And, hey, if anything else, relieving yourself of stress is good for your health and well-being. We all know the havoc stress can create with our minds and in our bodies.

Be good to yourself, and treat yourself to a Happy Ending!

All the best,


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