Leave them smiling

Portrait of beautiful happy girl.

Some people are just plain funny.

There are certain special needs bloggers and friends whose blog posts and facebook statuses never fail to crack me up.

These writers are experts at finding humor in the reality of raising kids with special needs, while sending a message of acceptance and awareness.

I admire that easy wit, and sometimes wish I possessed it. But, it simply doesn’t come natural to me like it does for them.

What is natural for me, is putting my focus on the positive. Glass half-full and all that.

Though each approach is different, when it comes down to it, we are all advocates and our message is the same. Love and accept our kids as individuals, and allow them to shine in their own way.

If humor opens those doors to acceptance and awareness for some, keep the laughs coming!

If the glass half-full approach works for others, keep those positive vibes flowing!

Whatever voice is yours, use it. Even if you don’t leave them laughing, be sure to leave them smiling.

All the best,


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