Hey you!

wil painting cropped

Hey you! If you were the one that last proudly posted about the last joint you smoked, this is for you.

I’m sure you have very valid reasons for doing what you are.

I am not unsympathetic, those hurts are very real, and may take lots of time and work to heal.

But, before you use that as a free pass to destroy your mind and body with drugs, let me share something with you.

You were blessed with 46 perfect chromosomes. You have “typical” cognitive abilities, and you have “typical” physical abilities.

My son, no matter what he does, will always have 47 chromosomes.

Yep, one more than you and me. Do you know what that means?

He has to work a heck of a lot harder than you and me, just to do what we take for  granted.

Life won’t be easy for him, and he will have to fully dedicate himself to everything he does. But, he will still be grateful and thankful because he knows he put his all into everything. That brings an inner gratification that drugs just can’t satisfy.

So, please, take care of you, and appreciate what you have been given. Don’t waste it.

No, it won’t be easy, but, let me share something with you that us parents of kids with special needs quote all the time:
It may not be easy, but it’s always worth it.


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