Finding your own rhythm


I run, I breathe in the weather.

I find my pace, my rhythm.

No matter how smooth the run,

I always hit a place where my legs and lungs start to scream,

and my mind says stop,

its ok, just walk a little.

As much relief as the walk brings

It hurts that much more to get started again.

So, instead, I speed up with a quick burst,

arms pumping, legs following.

This acceleration feeds my body with the lift it needs.

I close my eyes, quieting my mind and completely lean into the rhythm.

My haggard breathing begins to smooth and fall in line with my arms and legs.

My whole body seems as if it is propelling itself and I am flooded with energy!

I am renewed, invigorated! The burn is still there, but I have my rhythm back and feel like I could keep going forever.

It is the runner’s high, the ultimate reward for working past the hurt.

This high doesn’t end when the run ends. Far from it.

It fills my day with energy, urging me to move forward rather than get stuck in overwhelming situations.

The desire to slow down, or stop, never goes away, it always tugs at me.

But, I know how much it hurts to slow down only to start back up again.

The reward lies in conquering my fears by jumping in,

and once there, lean in, listen to my inner self, and find my own rhythm.


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  1. andiradi
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 15:55:18

    Reblogged this on AntiRadiation.


  2. Chocolate Covered Race Medals
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 16:24:47

    running is never easy for me, ever. but it brings SO much!


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