October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Day #3

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month - Day #3

How can you promote acceptance and awareness?

Know that most new parents of a baby with Down syndrome are going to be scared, confused, worried, and grieving. That first year is a whirlwind of doctor visits, figuring out services, medical costs and therapeutic sessions, all the while being exhausted from typical duties of caring for an infant. New parents need to see realistic, positive examples of people with Ds thriving. Even in this modern age, there are doctors that give doom and gloom diagnoses, and that is the LAST thing a new parent needs to hear. So, don’t be shy to share an uplifting success story, article or video about someone with Down syndrome, and don’t be offended if the new parent isn’t ready to respond to it yet. I promise, there will be a day when they able to poke their head out of the whirlwind, and there will be the ray of sunshine you shared, giving these parents a glimpse into the bright future ahead.


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