10 Signs You Are A Special Needs Parent:


1.  The first thought that came to mind after reading this title was, “She didn’t use person-first language.”

2. You speak in acronyms (IDEA, IEP, ESY, LEA, FAPE, FERPA, OT, PT, …………………….)

3. Potty training is a hot topic of conversation.

4. You feel an immediate bond with a stranger once you realize their child has special needs.

5.  You realize that just because a doctor has a high IQ, it doesn’t mean they “get it.”

6.  When you come across a parent in public struggling with their child’s behaviors, while others are looking at them sideways, you give them a knowing nod and a reassuring smile.

7. You never thought you had it in you to be this patient.

8.  When you see a baby with special needs, your comments are something like this, “rolling over this early is a great sign!” “Look at his hands cross the mid-line!”

9.  Derogatory slang makes smoke come out of your ears.

10. You no longer put much stock in statistics.

If you related to the above, you are either a special needs parent, or someone who “gets it.” Keep on keeping on, my friend! You are a rock star!



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