What fills you up?


What fills you up? What gives you that filled to the rim feeling?

I get it from running and advocacy.

Last Saturday, I ran my first half-marathon for both myself, and to raise awareness in the National Down Syndrome Society Your Way Campaign.

Talk about being filled to the rim! My two favorite passions wrapped up into one. That run had meaning and then some!

Fast-forward to today, and that race is almost a week past. It’s over, fini, the end, all she wrote, the fat lady has sung.

I’m left with the feeling, ok, you did good, pat yourself on the back, now what have you done for me lately?

Its clear I have a touch of the post-race blues and its time to move on. I just need a little inspiration to do so.  I’m sure that inspiration will return by registering for another 1/2 marathon and joining another campaign.

During the training and campaigning I did for this first 1/2 marathon, I received many an “atta girl!” from friends. Even though I was internally motivated, my friends’ encouragement inspired me even more. The more inspired I became, by default, the more I found I inspired others.

So, I write this with both selfish and altruistic intentions. I write to inspire myself to get going again, and by default, to inspire you to move forward on whatever it is you are holding back on.

Keep on keeping on, my friends!



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