Here is today’s post on my other blog, Journey to Self Compassion. This topic is one of those things that sounds so easy to do, but is one of the most difficult. Yet, to change outer circumstances in your life, you must start with the inside… Be well! 🙂

Your Soul is Calling…Are You Listening?



Finding Happiness in Your Winter


So many of us believe true happiness should come easy, handed to us free of charge, or that it is elusive and reserved for the selected few. When we do manage to grasp it, it is temporary, lost again to another external circumstance.

We blame the circumstance for stealing our happiness and believe we could be happy “if only.”

Ironically, it is in the cold, bitter winters of our lives where all is seemingly barren around us, that we unearth the true meaning of happiness. We must dig deep inside for strength, and in these times of introspection, we discover happiness is an internally driven condition without dependency on external circumstances.

Where we once sat around blaming winter for not blooming flowers for us, we now know how to find the warmth of the fire in the coldest of winters.

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