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Why is it that we want to win the my day is worse than your day contest, but if we are bouncing around loving life, people look at you sideways like you are weird?

I find that very backwards. I mean, really, wouldn’t you rather bounce around and be loving life rather than walking around like Eeyore?

Yet, somehow it is more socially acceptable to be an Eeeyore than happy-go-lucky.

Let me give you an example:

I overheard two women in line at the grocery store who just ran into each other; “Hey, how are you?” “Ugh, I had no sleep last night, and now I have all this stuff to do.” “Oh, I haven’t had any sleep all week! And, I’ve been running everywhere!”

I stood there and listened to each of them battling it out to win the “My Life Sucks Even More Than Yours” Contest.

Energy surrounding people is no joke! Overhearing them, I noticed my shoulders start to slump and my high energy being sucked from me. I did not want to stand around these two energy suckers.

I started looking around, and noticed, a few lines over, the cashier was singing! Yes, singing! Not at the top of his lungs, just simply singing as he worked, clearly enjoying himself.

I said to these two women, “Hey, do you hear that? The cashier over there is singing!”

They kind of laughed and rolled their eyes like that guy was weird.

I smiled at them, told them I hope they had better days, and backed my cart up out of the “My Life Sucks” Zone, and moved on over to the singing guy’s line.

The second I left that line, I immediately felt lifted of the weight. As I neared the singing guy’s line, I found I actually had a smile on my face! That is something special right there, to actually be smiling while you wait in line at the grocery store.

I was surprised his line wasn’t the longest!

Once it was my turn to check-out, I said to the singing cashier, “Sounds like you are enjoying your day.” He smiled and replied, “I have a four hour shift, and I don’t want it to feel like four hours of work!”


I have no idea how great or challenging his day was, and really, how exciting is it to check out groceries, one person after another, but he found a way! This guy knew how to celebrate life.

I have little doubt some people avoided his line because they thought it was weird. Singing while you work? Who does that?

So much of our emotions are tied in the way we perceive the events in our lives. And, we all have a choice in the way we perceive things.

Cleaning in our house used to be something we didn’t look forward to, and I wouldn’t say we jump for joy when we do it, but we now know how to make it fun. I pump up the tunes, we dance while we dust and vacuum. When the girls fold their laundry, they actually laugh and have a great time.

You can apply this to anything in life. Find a way to make it fun and enjoyable, put yourself in the singing line!

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