Beautiful Girl

Katherine is so different from me, sometimes I just need to sit down on the floor with her quietly for awhile, and then she will start to open up and tell me things. Last night, we were sitting on the floor of her room, our backs against the bed, and she was telling me some things that have been hard for her. It breaks my heart to hear those things, no one wants to see their child feel hurt, so we both shared some tears, as listened and then we talked it out. After we worked through her story, she said, “Do you want to look at a book I’m reading? It’s really good!” She stood up to get her book, then brought it back and sat next to me. The first thing she did was expand the book jacket so I could see the full front and back cover together, and it formed a picture of a large landscape. She said, a bright smile coming back to her face, “Isn’t that beautiful?”
Yes, you are Katherine, you are so very beautiful, my dear girl.


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