Sometimes it just happens…Naturally

IMG_1774[1]This morning, Wil stopped eating his breakfast and said, “Mom, my tooth is falling out!” And, sure enough his tooth was very loose.
Katherine was in the kitchen eating her breakfast, too, and she said, “Mom, why does he still have baby teeth and the big teeth are almost fully grown behind them?”….

Are you happy? Let me see

This morning, Wil was sitting on his bed and I was kneeling on the floor beside him, strapping on his ankle braces before I slipped his shoes on over them. He couldn’t see my face because I had my head bent down, focused on the task at hand.
Wil said to me, “Mommy, are you happy?”
Without looking up, I replied, “Yes, honey I am.”
“Let me see.” …

silly bed time

Dear God…

Dear God,
Thank you for being you, for letting me know in so many ways that you are there.
There was a long time I was not sure of you, I didn’t really even know what to believe. But, one day, the world came crashing down on me, and I truly believed life was left to fate. That is the scariest feeling ever…

christie 3

Bikinis, Bravery and Dolphins

The picture: A full-sized woman in a bikini. The proclamation: Isn’t she brave!

Oh, really, did she just save a dolphin? …

sunset beach (2)


Do I Only Love Those That Love What I Love?

I’ve noticed a very interesting dichotomy in the fight for acceptance.

For instance, on Down syndrome support pages, the majority of parents are doing their best to advocate for acceptance of our children. We rally against bullying or any derogative comments and behavior. We proclaim, “Love and acceptance for all!”

Yet, the minute someone makes a derogative comment about our children, many of these same people who just claimed “Love and acceptance for all!” are firing back with derogative comments of their own! I understand the anger, believe me, but firing back with it does little for gaining new acceptance for our cause…

kissy face

Success is a Personal Business

The Monday after Easter, in the year of 2005, I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions. I was 6 months pregnant, and on my way to work, but I decided to make a quick detour to the hospital, just to be sure everything was ok…


Do You Believe in Magic?

Yesterday afternoon, Wil fell asleep in my lap. He tends to sleep all squished up, or bent over half-way at the waist. This day, he had curled himself up to fit in my lap, all 60+ pounds of him, his legs crossed at an angle that would have me aching, but he was perfectly content, a slight snore coming from his nose….

Wil looking up

Growth is a Bond

Have you ever noticed, when we are gossiping, judging, condemning, that we ourselves, are not growing?
I met with a woman, and she grew up in very less than ideal circumstances. She had been cutting herself and doing drugs, all to escape her anxiety…


Oh, that Sesame Street bus

After a really nice chat, I kissed them goodnight, and stepped out into the hallway, where my foot almost hit a little Sesame Street bus filled with little Sesame Street characters….


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