Your very own Lorax


We all have our own inner Lorax, and its in our best interest if we shut up and listen to him.

Instinct is a powerful guide, but as contradictory as it sounds, instinct requires discipline. We have so many distractions in our every day lives, that what we consider instinct, may simply be impulse. I view instinct as a knowing you feel deep down, and no one can sway you from it. It gives you a confidence, that this is the direction to go. Impulse is something that feels good in the moment, but if you give it some time, your decision is likely to change depending on your mood.

Some people are great at following their instinct…they can access that part of themselves whenever and wherever, and they have a strong, quiet confidence in the direction they are going. Things could go smoother than expected, or there may be some bumps and bruises along the way, but there is an underlying confidence that they are moving forward in the right direction, no matter what is happening around them.

Sometimes our instinct tells us things we don’t want to hear. It is telling us to move forward in a direction that we do not want to go. We busy our lives to distract us from its call…maybe by working too much, eating too much, drinking too much, sleeping too much. But it will keep beckoning us, even though we may achieve quieting it down for periods of time. It has our best interest at heart, and it will keep finding ways of getting our attention though we make our best efforts to thwart it.

I am a believer in “quiet time.” Quiet time to you may be prayer, mediation or even 10 minutes to yourself a day. This is an enormous gift to yourself. It gives you time to get to know your instinct, that guide inside you that will never steer you wrong. It will speak for you if you listen. I’m reminded of the Lorax quote: “I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.”

Your instinct is your advocate, your Lorax. It loves you and wants the best for you, and its a tenacious little bugger. So, be kind to it and nurture it by giving it the daily gift of quiet time. Calm yourself and listen for it. Over time, you and your Lorax will be old pals, and you will easily distinguish his voice from impulse. The Lorax is a wise, old soul, and though he may be annoying at times, or lead you through some scary, bumpy places, he never loses sight of the bright horizon ahead.

All the best,

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